Maddin Hauser welcomes inquiries from bright, experienced attorneys interested in contributing to its growing practice. The firm will consider those with a range of experience, including government service, judicial and administrative clerkships, public accounting firms, and in-house employment, as well as private practice.

Maddin Hauser offers a welcoming atmosphere in which attorneys can pursue their own career goals while also contributing to the firm's growing practice and meeting the specialized needs of its clients. Established attorneys will retain the independence they need to nurture their practice, and those who are building their careers will find the growth opportunities they want, while also enjoying the advantages of firm practice.

Lateral hired attorneys may join the firm as an associate, shareholders, or with an "Of Counsel" designation. Each relationship is unique and carefully structured, based upon the attorney's prior experience and client base as well as current firm needs.

Please contact Ronald Sollish at to confidentially discuss lateral hiring opportunities with Maddin Hauser.