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2019-2020 BREAKFAST BITES: Employment Law Series Materials

2018-2019 BREAKFAST BITES: Employment Law Series Materials
Session 1: September 12, 2019
How to Make Remote Work – WORK
Presented by: Kaitlin A. Brown 
Key Topics:
  • Identify the statutes implicated by employee requests to work remotely
  • Understand the social and legal trends for remote work arrangements
  • Discuss best practices for holding employees accountable through remote work policies and agreements
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Session 2: October 2, 2019
“Likes” and “Dislikes”: Best Practices for Social Media Policies and Training
Presented by: Corinne S. Rockoff

Key Topics:
  • We “like” social media policies and training
  • We “dislike” claims/suits arising from social media
  • We “like” troubleshooting social media issues in the workplace
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Session 3: November 13, 2019
Worker Classification: Why it Matters and an Update on the Latest Trends

Key Topics:
  • Basics of worker classification
  • Consequences of misclassification
  • Latest developments in worker classification cases
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Session 4: January 8, 2020
Romance in the Workplace and Other Workplace Indiscretions
Presented by: Ronald A. Sollish

Key Topics:
  • Consensual romantic relationships
  • Company parties and celebrations
  • Customer/vendor indiscretions
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Session 5: February 5, 2020
Drugs, Violence, and Vaping: Drafting Employment Policies in the Age of Recreational Marijuana
Presented by: Kathleen H. Klaus

Key Topics:
  • Crafting effective drug and alcohol policies that address legal substances
  • Smoking, vaping, and friendly fragrance policies
  • Violence prevention, guns, and other weapons in the workplace

Session 6: March 4, 2020
Form I-9 Compliance and Updates
Presented by: John A. MacKenzie

Key Topics:
  • Audit and inspection update – what we are seeing and hearing from ICE
  • Completing and correcting form I-9 (key sections and common errors)
  • E-Verify and form I-9 compliance
  • Handling of form I-9 during mergers and acquisitions

Session 7: April 1, 2020
Leave Laws: Compliance, Coordination, and Best Practices
Presented by: Stephanie C. Mellin

Key Topics:
  • Overview of required leave policies and recent changes in response to COVID-19
  • Recent developments in federal paid sick leave
  • ADA Best Practices
  • How the Paid Medical Leave Act interacts with other laws
  • Discretionary leave laws
Watch the webinar video:
Note: HRCI, SHRM and APA credits are not available for watching the pre-recorded webinar video below.