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Maddin Hauser's 29th Annual Tax Symposium - 2020
October 31, 2020
8:30 am - 12:30 pm
Due to the COVID-19 Virus and our concern for the health of our participants and staff, this year’s Symposium will be presented virtually. Webinar details will be forwarded to participants prior to the event.



Symposium Agenda

  1. Does The “S” In S Corporation Stand For “SuperScary”?
  2. Geoffrey N. Taylor
      • Stay Calm if Your Client Owns an Interest in an S Corporation
      • Stay Current to Make Sure You Know the Rules
      • Stay Safe and Start Planning!

  3. Tax Considerations Impacting The Divorce Process
    Stewart C. W. Weiner

      • Spousal Support: Negotiations are Different Now
      • When to File Judgment of Divorce May Provide an Opportunity
      • Dependents: More Valuable Than Before

  4. Issues With PPP Loans and Other COD Issues
    Mark R. Hauser

      • Non-Deductibility of Expenses Paid From PPP Loan Proceeds (IRS Notice 2020-32)
      • Section 108 Non-Insolvency Exceptions
      • QRPBI

  5. Taxes, Pandemics, Elections .... Oh My!
    William E. Sigler
      • What You Want to Know
      • What You Need to Know
      • What You Don’t Want to Know

  6. You Can’t Have It – I Want It
    Robert D. Kaplow
      • Issues in Distributing Tangible Personal Property Upon Death
      • Case Studies of Typical Problems
      • Suggested Solutions to Achieve Family Harmony

  7. Employer Tax Credits Under the Family First Coronavirus Response Act
    Marc S. Wise

      • Federal Retention, FMLA+ and Sick Leave Credits for 2020
      • IRS/DOL Requirements
      • 2020 Forms W-2 and 7200 Issues

  8. Spotting An Insolvent Client And The Accountant’s Role In a Bankruptcy Case
    Julie B. Teicher

      • Signs of Insolvency
      • Accountant’s Role in a Bankruptcy Case
      • Potential for Conflicts

  9. Elder Law Pre-Planning
    Collin D. Dickey

      • What is Medicaid and Who Does it Help?
      • When do You Need Long-Term Care Planning
      • How Asset Protection Planning Can Protect You

  10. It’s Time For Another Look At Roth Ks and Roth IRAs
    Charles M. Lax

      • Traditional K or Traditional IRA vs Roth K or Roth IRA
      • Don’t Forget These Differences Between Roth Ks and Roth IRAs
      • Should the Outcome of the Election Impact the Roth Decision?                 

               Registration is closed.