2019-2020 BREAKFAST BITES: Employment Law Series Materials

2018-2019 BREAKFAST BITES: Employment Law Series Materials
Session 1: September 12, 2019
How to Make Remote Work – WORK
Presented by: Kaitlin A. Brown 
Key Topics:
  • Identify the statutes implicated by employee requests to work remotely
  • Understand the social and legal trends for remote work arrangements
  • Discuss best practices for holding employees accountable through remote work policies and agreements
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Session 2: October 2, 2019
“Likes” and “Dislikes”: Best Practices for Social Media Policies and Training
Presented by: Corinne S. Rockoff

Key Topics:
  • We “like” social media policies and training
  • We “dislike” claims/suits arising from social media
  • We “like” troubleshooting social media issues in the workplace
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