“[I]f there is to be no appeal at all possible the system would be intolerable.”
Bowen, L.J., The Queen v. Justices of County of London, &c. (1893), L.R. 2Q.B. 492.

It happens all the time. A contentious lawsuit doesn’t settle. A judge rules on a series of motions and issues a ruling. A judge or jury makes findings of fact based on certain standards. There is a winner and a loser. The dispute is over, right?

Maddin Hauser's Appellate Practice Group

All too often the trial court is merely round one. While there may be multiple paths to victory at the trial court level, on appeal litigants may be limited to one brief and a few minutes before a panel of judges to make their case for affirmance or reversal. Years of litigation and attorney fees hang in the balance on a decision by a panel of appellate judges.

When the stakes are this high, your legal counsel must have great insight and the depth of experience to help you navigate the appeal process. Our appellate lawyers more than qualify.

Our appellate attorneys possess the analytical skills to write engaging and persuasive briefs and present compelling oral arguments. We analyze the strengths and weaknesses of all positions to discover the most creative and effective means of articulating our best legal arguments, while also taking a realistic and nuanced approach when addressing unfavorable facts and law. To get an objective perspective, a fresh pair of eyes examines all our appellate matters.

When the stakes are high, you need an experienced, innovative leader who understands the issues as well as recent legal developments that may impact your case.

Maddin Hauser's Appellate Practice Group