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Twenty-Third Annual Tax Symposium
November 15, 2014

Sheraton Detroit-Novi Hotel
21111 Haggerty Road,
Novi, MI  48375

The presentations will commence at 8:30 am and conclude at 12:30 pm
Space is limited, so if would like to join us, please fill out the form below to register for the event.

Symposium Agenda:

I. Affordable Care Act – Reporting and
Recordkeeping Requirements
Marc S. Wise
  • What Information Employers Must Report to the Government
  • What Information Employers Must Maintain on its Employees
  • What Information Must be Disclosed to the Employees

II. To Be or Not To Be (a Trustee) – That Is the Question
Robert D. Kaplow
  • Why You Should Be the Trustee
  • Why You Shouldn’t Be the Trustee
  • Risks and Rewards

III. Federal Income Tax Issues Arising During the Life
of a Partnership (or LLC)

  • Partnership Formation
  • Partnership Operations
  • Liquidation of Partnership or Partnership Interest

IV. Rejuvenate That Retirement Plan
  • What Employees Are Looking for in a Retirement Plan
  • Increasing the Benefits for Owners
  • Ways to Reduce Administrative Complexities

V. Recent Sales and Use Tax Case and Offer in Compromise
Richard F. Roth
  • New Michigan Offer in Compromise
  • New Sales Tax Case
  • Andrie Inc. v Department of Treasury

VI. Roundup of Recent Tax Developments
William E. Sigler
  • New Laws, Cases and Rulings
  • Hot Topics
  • Practice Pointers

VII. Let’s Talk Circular 230 – Three Case Studies
Charles M. Lax
  • Deadbeat Clients and the Return of Client Information
  • The Undated or Backdated Document
  • Protecting Referral Sources and Conflicts of Interest

VIII. The Non-Compete Agreement: Employer’s
Friend or Foe?
Michelle C. Harrell
  • My Potential New Hire Has a Non-Compete From His Former Job – Now What
  • My Former Employee is Now My Competitor’s CEO! Factors to Consider Before the Attack
  • The Expanding Non-Compete Versus the Tailored Non-Compete

IX. Married Couples and Joint Trusts: Has Portability Obviated the Need for Separate Trusts?
Geoffrey N. Taylor
  • Planning Landscape
  • Income, Gift, Estate, and Generation Skipping Transfer Tax Issues
  • When and When Not to Use

X. The One Man Band
Stuart M. Bordman
  • Planning for Sale of a Business Upon Death of the Owner When There is No Successor
  • Action Necessary to Prepare a Business for Sale
  • Accountant’s Role in Preparation for Sale


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