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2016-2017 BREAKFAST BITES: Employment Law Series Materials

Session 1: August 18, 2016
Important Legal Updates on Discrimination Claims

Key Topics:
  • Crucial new discrimination cases
  • LGBT discrimination and bathroom issues
  • ADA Interactive Process and Accommodations

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Session 2: September 22, 2016
Affordable Care Act Compliance
Presented by: Marc S. Wise

Key Topics:
  • Plan Document/SPD Issues
  • Participant Matters
  • Internal Revenue Service Requirements
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Session 3: October 13 2016
What You Need to Know About Whistleblowing

Key Topics:
  • Ground Rules: What are the basic definitions/ elements of the claim (Michigan/Federal - especially Sarbanes-Oxley and Dodd-Frank)
  • Before the Whistle Blows: Establishing appropriate internal procedures regarding employee reporting
  • Staying in Bounds: Understanding how to respond to whistleblower complaints, preventing retaliation and accusations of retaliation
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Session 4: November 10, 2016
Employee Leave: Navigating the Morass

Key Topics:
  • Fundamentals of Employee Leave
  • The Employee Leave Flowchart
  • Pitfalls - New Case Law Opens Door on HR Personal Liability
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Session 5: December 8, 2016
Managing Employee Lawsuits

Key Topics:
  • Pitfalls that lead to litigation and keep you up at night: What plaintiff lawyers love to see
  • Preserving the evidence and electronic data before suit is even filed
  • Reaching an accommodation: Statutory requirements unique to resolution of employment litigation
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Session 6: January 12, 2017
The Most Important Documents to Protect Your Organization
Presented by: Ronald A. Sollish

Key Topics:
  • Onboarding protections
  • Establishing workplace policies
  • Defensive documentation
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Session 7: February 9, 2017
Employee Retaliation Claims: Your Worst Nightmare
Presented by: David E. Hart

Key Topics:
  • Nature of retaliation/employee rights
  • Discrimination claims
  • Social media retaliation
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Session 8: March 8, 2017
Employee Class Actions: Wage and Hour, Discrimination and Background Checks
Presented by: Kathleen H. Klaus

Key Topics:
  • Increase in class actions based on statutes other than discrimination statutes
  • Wage and hour cases. Reduction in union representation as led in increase in private attorney general" cases filed by class action lawyers
  • Statutes that are not employment related on their face (Fair Credit Reporting Act) contain risks for employers
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Session 9: April 6, 2017
Give Your 401(k) Plan a Boost
Presented by: Charles M. Lax

Key Topics:
  • Don't overlook Roth 401(k) opportunities
  • Having an ADP problem? Here are some suggestions
  • Getting the most "bang for your buck"