Our summer associates participate in a ten-week program that introduces them, in practical terms, to the working life of practising attorneys. The firm recruits students during the autumn on-campus interview programs at Michigan law schools. We also welcome resumes from students at other schools who plan to live and work in the area after graduation

Recruiters look for bright, independent, responsible, and self-starting individuals eager to learn and contribute to our teams. We place high importance on academic performance but also consider relevant experience such as law review, moot court, extracurricular activities, and previous employment.

Our goal for each summer associate is to leave the program with a full understanding of what life will be like during the first year at the firm. Associates are not confined to an office all summer, writing memos about points of law. Nor do they spend entire days at group lunches or other social events. Instead, they engage in real world activities such as attending client meetings, trials, depositions and negotiating sessions, and contributing to strategy and planning sessions.

“My experience as a summer associate at Maddin Hauser was my first glimpse of the “real world” of law and laid the foundation upon which I have built an exciting and rewarding career as an attorney. I remember being welcomed to the firm and treated with respect and professionalism right from the very beginning. I participated in challenging and interesting projects with senior partners that summer, and the firm continues to follow that model today. When I was offered a permanent position with Maddin Hauser after law school, I accepted without hesitation because I felt comfortable that I was joining an organization of professionals that shared my values and ethics. Now, as the firm’s President and CEO, I remember my positive experience as a summer associate, and our program is structured so that all summer associates can see, first hand, what it is like to be a member of our top-flight team of lawyers.”

Steven D. Sallen
President and CEO

Our summer associate program gives aspiring attorneys the opportunity to gain exposure to a variety of practice areas, allowing them to choose the field of law that best fits their talents and interests. We give summer associates assignments from each of the fields in the firm such as real estate; lending and finance; franchise and distribution; and bankruptcy, restructuring and debtor-creditor rights. This provides a broader experience and a better understanding of how the different specialties are interrelated. It also gives associates direct contact with more of the firm’s shareholders.

Regular associate group meetings give participants opportunities to share their ideas and thoughts about the program and other aspects of the firm’s practice. Participants also see how their work directly influences the direction and future of Maddin Hauser.

“Thank you so much for my wonderful summer associate experience. It gave me great insight into the practice of law, which will undoubtedly help me in my last year of law school and beyond. Maddin Hauser is a great place to work, and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from so many talented attorneys. Thank you again.”

“As a recent law school graduate, I appreciate how well my summer associate experience at Maddin Hauser prepared me for a career in law. The summer was an ideal mix of learning, exploring, and facing challenges. The attorneys engaged me in their work and encouraged me to take on a variety of challenging projects. The firm’s open-door policy and friendly environment put me at ease and encouraged my professional growth. By the end of the summer, I had a full understanding of what it would be like as an associate at Maddin Hauser. There were no surprises in store for me when I returned here after law school.”

“The experience of collaborating with practically all shareholders in both litigation and transactional matters gave me a realistic view of work and life at the firm.  By observing attorneys in court, during depositions and in closings, I was able to learn from their diverse skills. I was able to grow from one assignment to the next by receiving feedback directly from the attorney that gave me the assignment.”

“As a summer associate with Maddin Hauser, I was able to develop and hone my skills as a future attorney through the diverse set of cases and hands-on assignments I received in various legal practice areas. In my time at Maddin, I have always felt included in the dynamic group of talented legal professionals because of the firm’s collaborative, group-minded approach to tackling legal issues. Maddin Hauser has provided me the support and opportunities necessary to jumpstart my career as an attorney.”

“As a summer associate at Maddin Hauser, I had the opportunity to see what “real life” at the firm was like. Assignments consisted of meaningful contributions to active files and cases, not busy work. I received timely and substantive feedback on my work product that helped me develop crucial practice skills. I worked side by side with associates and shareholders alike, all of whom were talented, accomplished in their fields, and generous with their time, to solve a wide variety of complex legal problems. Ultimately, it was these interpersonal connections that solidified my desire to practice law at Maddin Hauser.”

Each Maddin Hauser summer associate is paired with an attorney/mentor responsible for managing the associate’s workload and ensuring they get the most from their experience. The mentor is involved with each of the associate’s projects—from inception to end product—and ensures the associate has an appropriate workload. The mentor also counsels the associate on the workings of the firm and how to interact with colleagues and clients.

In addition, the mentor assists the associate in getting to know the other attorneys and shareholders socially through group learning sessions, informal lunches, baseball games, or other social outings. At the end of a summer associate’s program, the mentor consults with the shareholders and attorneys to develop an end-of-program evaluation.

Law students who’d like to participate in the summer associate program should submit resumes and qualifications to Ronald Sollish at careers@maddinhauser.com.