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Maddin BTI 2021

BTI Consulting Spotlights Maddin Hauser’s Ability to Successfully Compete With Larger Law Firms


BTI Consulting, a premier U.S. management consultancy catering to the legal profession, recently surveyed leaders responsible for making outside law firm engagement decisions. The results: Maddin Hauser is one of a select few firms these decision-makers look to with the same level of confidence as larger firms.

As BTI’s President & Founder Michael Rynowecer announced on BTI’s Mad Clientist blog, “Clients point to 43 small and midsize firms – by name – as punching way above their weight class.” Of the three Michigan firms on the list, Maddin Hauser was the smallest and most agile with 43 attorneys; the other two have 140 and 580 lawyers, respectively.

For the survey, BTI asked clients to identify firms that:

  • Are quick with an opinion.
  • Are skilled and empathetic listeners.
  • Know their way around the issues.
  • Understand how to help.
  • Get things done.
  • Make deep connections.

BTI lauded Maddin Hauser and the other elite group of premier law firms “for not just stepping into the ring – but exceeding the expectations of the most demanding clients in the world.”

We are honored to receive such recognition and affirmation of our commitment to client service excellence, but with one exception. To us, our clients are not the most demanding, but the most valued!